Our Options Mastery Courses are a multi-part program that accommodate both the beginner and advanced trader.


We are now offering both group and private sessions!

Group Training Sessions


The following Group Courses are now being offered:

  • Introduction to Options Trading

  • Beginners Options Class 1

  • Advanced Options Class 2

  • Beginners Technical Analysis/ Charts Class 1

  • Advanced Techncial Analysis/ Charts Class 2


Courses are offered weekly depending on demand and availability. Please contact us directly to confirm next available class and for any questions about the curriculum.


Group Courses are given live using GoToMeeting. Text chat is enabled allowing you to ask questions.


Real world trading examples, diagrams, and scenarios are provided throughout the class showing you how to implement all of the strategies taught in your own account.

Group sessions are available multiple times per week to maximize our availability. Reserve your group class by purchasing our "Group Options Course". Upon purchase, our traders will reach out to you to confirm your selected course and confirm the next upcoming class times.

Private Training Sessions


Private Classes are personalized to your level of expertise, and can cover such topics as:

  • Basic options knowledge and strategies

  • Advanced options trading strategies

  • Technical Analysis (Basic and Advanced)

  • Account Management strategies



Tailored curriculum is designed to help students develop both the skills and strategies we use to manage our own personal accounts. Upon purchase of our "Private Options Class", one of our traders will reach out to you to discuss your goals in this course and finalize your personalized curriculum.

One-on-One lessons are given live, allowing you to ask questions, interact with the traders, and review real-world trading examples. All lessons are backed up and recorded for your review. Study materials / diagrams/ etc. are provided at the end of class.

Private Courses are available at a $300 fee per session, can be personally scheduled around your availability, and tailored to your learning needs.



All students are given access to our VIP Discord channel where you will receive priority and timely responses for any trading related questions you will have. This is a valuable resource allowing you to further your education by learning from pro traders, and asking follow-up questions in the chat. Use this channel to also review material taught during the classes.


Join us today for an all-inclusive session in which you will walk away with a year’s worth of knowledge in just a few hours of intensive training from experienced traders!

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